Tour of Laurelwood

As you pass through the iron gate at Laurelwood, you will drive through a shady woodland which opens into a serene meadow bordered by flowering trees and shrubs. To the right is a placid small lake which is planted with groupings of seasonal perennials, azaleas and ornamental grasses.

As the drive meanders up to the main building you will see the extensive perennial gardens. The gardens change almost weekly throughout the season and provide varied backdrops for your photographer, and guests.

The main building has porches ideal as dining areas. The inside is lighted with chandeliers and is adorned with a "pipe organ", provides wheelchair accessible restrooms and a kitchen area. The heavy oak and bracket construction reminds one of a gothic cathedral. Although many weddings take place out of doors the main building can be used for the wedding ceremony as well as for the reception and dancing.

The drive continues past the main building to the bridal cottage (Photos Inside, Outside) where the bride and her party prepare for the special event. Near the cottage you will see a rustic pavilion which overlooks a rolling pasture. This may be used a beverage station or just as a great gathering place for the guests to view the herd of ten llamas as they graze.

You are welcome to visit Laurelwood. Please call for directions and we'll be glad to set an appointment.